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La’ Bike Apparel

La’ Bike Apparel was founded with a focus on the urban biking community. They create biking apparel that is fashionable and comfortable for the urban biker. Their apparel serves a dual purpose combining casual day wear with functional biking gear; something one would enjoy wearing both on their bikes and off. La’ Bike was looking for designs to create a brand image, but also wanted those designs to be integrated into their product line. Also needing print media, La’ Bike was seeking contemporary styling to promote their connection with the urban community.

With those needs in mind, we sought to create a clean looking style portraying urban bikers in their own environment. After determining the overall concept and color palette, we incorporated minimalistic custom illustrations with alternate flowing script fonts and styles. In the end, we were able to create a brand identity that exemplified the essence of La’ Bike. The branding was incorporated into the design of apparel and print media. We understood that as an apparel company, the designs needed to be ultimately stylish and interesting to the eye, but not overbearing or cluttered. We also knew that because the apparel must also be unique, there needed to be a variety of designs similar enough to make sense, and different enough to be interesting.

Capture your audience with a brand image and designs that speak to what’s important to them.